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How to make a reservation

Use of reservation form

• Transfer

Select the kind of transfer you wish (Airport, Golf or Event). Then select or write (in case it does not show, by default) the name of either the origin and destination. Proceed to the next page.
OBS: You can reverse the places by clicking in the middle arrows.

• Vehicle

Chose from the available vehicles, bearing in mind its maximum capacity, as well as the quantity of luggage you will be carrying. For each class it will show its cost, per vehicle.

• Departure

In case of an arrival or departure, happening in the Airport, please do provide us with the flight number, as well as, the estimated flight times. In case of a golf transfer, or an event transfer, please do provide us with the date, time and address.

• Return

If you wish a return service, please do fill the information in the required indicated fields.

• Data

Please do fill up the passengers details, such as the number of passengers and any relevant additional information, as eventual ages of children travelling with you.

• Confirmation

Please do confirm carefully all the information provided. The Company can not be held responsible for any misinformation in the reservation. Read the Terms & Conditions, write the given code and please do not forget to confirm clicking on the "Reserve" button.

Processing your request

A message with the reservation topics will automatically be sent to the provided email address. After being processed by our company, your reservation will be confirmed. In case of an event inquiry, a quote will be sent to you.

Go to your destination

Our driver will meet you in the arrivals area, displaying a sign with your name. If you want to get from the Hotel to the Airport, or anywhere else, our driver will be waiting in the lobby or at the front desk.